Lon Chaney

Lon Chaney Jr.
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Eighty two years ago, Lon Chaney Jr. was the face of Universal's horror movies. He soon became known for being the only actor to bring to life all four of the "big four" monsters: the Mummy, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Dracula. (Chaney portrayed these first three characters in several films throughout the 1940s and '50s, and earned his Dracula acting credit with 1943's Son of Dracula). This period would mark the height of Chaney's on-screen career.

By the end of his lifetime, Lon Chaney Jr. had more than proven that he'd inherited much more than a last name from his famous father. Chaney became widely renowned as a gifted performer in his own right, creating a unique screen persona through fantastic characters and make-up that would have made his father proud.
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